Q:  Is it legal to have someone investigated?

A:  Anyone can be investigated.  It is perfectly legal for a licensed private investigator to observe and report on a person's observable behavior, as long as no privacy laws are violated.  In some cases, a subject who is willing to be investigated (such as a job applicant) may grant his or her permission to an employer or other person to obtain these types of private information.

Q:  How can I be sure your services are confidential?

A:  Private investigations must always remain exactly that -- PRIVATE --  The confidentiality of any information  through a private investigation agency is governed by State law.  Unauthorized release of private information could result in license revocation, incarceration and fines.  Stacun, Inc. operates under the highest ethical standards.

Q:  I heard polygraph tests are not admissible as evidence in a criminal trial. Why not?  Are they really accurate?

A:  Polygraph information IS admissible in court.  Case Law established in 1999 allows polygraph information to be presented in court, excluding actual test results.  This means that statements made by the examinee during the pre-test and post-test portions of the exam, including admissions of guilt or other evidentiary information, are admissible.

Q:  What kinds of people and businesses use your services?

A:  Stacun Inc.'s many satisfied clients include small business owners, corporate entities, law enforcement agencies, attorneys, and private citizens.

Q:  Could you help me find out if my Husband/Wife/Significant Other has been cheating?

A:  Stacun, Inc. offers confidential 24-hour surveillance to determine a subject's activities (his or her contacts, whereabouts, and other information) for documentation purposes.  This is also an area in which polygraph can prove invaluable.  If the subject agrees to a polygraph exam, the results can often provide vital information or peace of mind.
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